it's about to get warm all up in this jazz
hi my name is trisha i'm nineteen years old and i really like ben wyatt and ezra koenig and yelling "FRICK" at pictures of harry styles (also lots of other things take a look around before you do anything rash)

i used to be benjiscooltimessummerjamzmix and samebutdonaldglover

feel free to talk to me or anything i'm unbearably shy at first but i'm nice and i get better i promise!!

can’t wait for this summers hot new memes

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have any of you ever had to watch “miss representation” for a class or just watched it on ur own (it’s on netflix so) b/c i have to watch it for gender studies and do a worksheet on it and i haven’t made it all the way through yet but

there are a lot of really good points in it but some parts of it are rubbing me the wrong way and i can’t quite put it all into words

idk maybe i feel like it’s enforcing a lot of respectability politics?? like yeah reducing woman characters in shows and movies and commercials to nothing but sexual objects is gross but there’s nothing wrong w/ showing that some women like sex and want to dress in a revealing way and wear makeup either and you shouldn’t make women who feel that way feel like they’re doing something wrong

like they’re looking at examples of women in media and criticizing what they’re wearing to an excessive degree and it feels more “ugh look at these women giving in to norms” and less “ugh look at this culture that pressures some women into doing that when they don’t want to" and it’s just making me feel super uncomfortable this feels like "safe" pseudo-feminism to me idk man

also like i feel like this is playing into this mainstream “lean in” feminism that’s more focused on putting women (and mainly white women too) into positions of power like ceos and government positions (not that we shouldn’t want more women in government positions b/c yeah OF COURSE) and less focused on more prevalent and dangerous issues that affect FAR more women like helping poor women and women facing racist and transphobic discrimination and violence idk IDK

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Naomi - Neutral Milk Hotel

Your prettiness is seeping through
Out from the dress I took from you
So pretty
And my emptiness is swollen shut
Always a wretch - I have become 
So empty 
And please, please don’t leave me

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