it's about to get warm all up in this jazz
hey my name is trisha i'm 19 about me playlists

male game designer: hey maybe we should treat women like people
male gamer: how could you say these things... i trusted you... i have lost a hero on this day


VMAN #30 “Ride The Lightning”  //  Dane DeHaan by Ryan McGinley

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its a shame that in 6 or so billion years, any and all existence on earth will be wiped out by the sun’s expansion, and it’s almost scary to think about how even now the sun continues to grow bigger and hotter, sexy and hotter let’s shut it down. pound the alarm

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if you hold an empty gatorade bottle up to your ear you can hear the sports

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friendly reminder that if you support teenage mutant ninja turtles franchise then you are supporting Lizard Men

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