it's about to get warm all up in this jazz
hi my name is trisha i'm nineteen years old and i really like ben wyatt and ezra koenig and yelling "FRICK" at pictures of harry styles (also lots of other things take a look around before you do anything rash)

i used to be benjiscooltimessummerjamzmix and samebutdonaldglover

feel free to talk to me or anything i'm unbearably shy at first but i'm nice and i get better i promise!!


at coachella 


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Nine Direction™ on the “Afternoon Delight.”

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things that should be happening on 1dday

  • spin the bottle
  • just like an hour of them playing with babies
  • all them stuffed on one couch
  • lots of acoustic performances
  • makeovers (by each other)??????
  • harry teaching the other boys how to cook
  • bring in kittens and puppies and just let that happen

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One Direction Celebrates 1D Day with Global Fan Event. (23/11/13)

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